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Hello! Julienne is an actress and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Your resident bundle of joy; always ready to put a smile on your face and get you moving. She has a BFA in Acting and is an Associate Artist at the Nerve Tank in New York.


Julienne started dancing at the age of four and began acting training at fourteen. Keeping her acting chops strong, she continues to train regularly with top acting studios in LA. Julienne takes her passions very seriously. That being the performative arts as well as health and wellness.


Raised in Silver Spring, MD Julienne was put the perfect distance between Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Which gave her the resources and inspiration she needed to pursue her art. Apart from productions at University during and after college, she worked with Rock* Games, The Fox Network, FringeArts,The Baltimore Theater Project, as well as others.


Apart from acting college was when Julienne got to embrace all the greatness of being a black woman. As well as recognize and implement proper fitness, nutrition, and mental health. She is always working on new projects and setting new goals. She's in the process of creating a film and stage production company with her best friend title titled The Juicebox which will launch soon.


Health-wise Julienne is currently accepting new training clients and has a Youtube channel titled Body by Julienne all about health and wellness (definitely check out a video, or five). Go to the Train With Me page for bookings. For her resume, links, and other golden nuggets have fun exploring this site. 

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Bike Against a Yellow Wall

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Bike Against a Yellow Wall
Bike Against a Yellow Wall
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"I didn't get into acting to have a moment, I got into it because of people who've inspired me"

Amy Adams

Bike Against a Yellow Wall
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