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Bike Against a Yellow Wall

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Welcome to the Body by Julienne Health Hub. So glad to have you here. This is a welcoming space made to fuel you with positive and enriching content for the inside and out.

The reason why I named this Body by Julienne is because we only get one. And the health of our body is mandated not only by exercise but by the things we put into it as well as the mental health that affects our day-to-day processes.

Being an ACE Certified Personal Trainer means so much to me. I love being able to guide people to reach their full potential. We as humans are capable of so much, and it's important to me that people see just how special they are.

To book with me go to the Train With Me Page on this site and book your consultation.

Bike Against a Yellow Wall

YouTube Channel

Body By Julienne is a YouTube channel for health and wellness. The channel exists as an inclusive place for people to gain knowledge as well as my perspective on health and to do with what you wish.

Look at the most current Body By Julienne videos below and subscribe to the channel.

*Julienne Marié is a Certified Personal Trainer. Julienne is not a Registered Dietitian, Health Coach, or Physician. If looking for specific functions such as meal planning or injury diagnosis please seek out the appropriate health care professional. All Julienne's knowledge on nutrition is acquired through ACE Personal Training nutrition basics, continuing education, peer approved journals and personal experience.

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