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The Everyday Movement Struggle

You might read the title and think what are you talking about it's not that hard to move. But ask yourself this; are you reading this while sitting down? I'm not judging if you are, I wrote this sitting down. And let's face it as much as we might love the idea of standing up and moving, and I'm not talking about an intense workout I'm talking about walking down the street. It can be hard when there are things at home so compelling that it makes us want to cocoon into our covers. Yeah television I'm looking at you.

In reality there are so many questions and parameters that stop us from taking that walk everyday.

Do I live in a place where I can easily take that walk? Or do I live at the top of a hill? Or in crazy cold weather? What about crazy hot weather? Do I live near a highway? And if I do, do I own a car that can take me to a place that can suit my walking needs?

After all that questioning you can feel hopeless. I know, I've been there. But trust me when I tell you this, there is a solution.

Well... Spill It!

Alright I will. The solution is each other. I know we're in a pandemic and I'm not promoting a large get together not even a small one. But something that I've noticed is that in this pandemic everyones had a least one person that they've seen. One person that they've trusted. Or one person that's gotten them through. So how about a carpool? Ask for a ride and take a little detour with your friend to somewhere beautiful. It'll make you crave some stunning nature everyday. And maybe cause you to push a little further. Walk down that hill, bring water for a warm day and extra layers for a cold one. Now remember to always exercise with caution and never in extreme weather.

Tip For That Walk:

Set an alarm everyday for that walk. Make the ringtone a song that you love so you can start to associate walking with that lovely tune.

See you in the flowers my friends.

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