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If you're seeking the services of a personal trainer. Book a consultation below and we can discuss next steps.

*Julienne Marié is a Certified Personal Trainer. Julienne is not a Registered Dietitian, Health Coach, or Physician. If looking for specific functions such as meal planning or injury diagnosis please seek out the appropriate health care professional. All Julienne's knowledge on nutrition is acquired through ACE Personal Training nutrition basics, continuing education, peer approved journals and personal experience.

Personal Training Rates and Services:

1-1 Private 60 min ... $65

1-1 Private 30 min ... $35

Group Training 60 min (Up to 4)*  ... $55

Group Training 30 min (Up to 4)* ... $25

*If there are more than 4 people in a group training session there will be an additional charge of $1 per participant

Once approved, if virtual you will receive a link and invoice for your session. If in person you will receive a calendar confirmation. All sessions will be prioritized on a first come first serve basis. 


7 Day Trainer Experience

For only $120 I will send you a 1 week workout perfectly specialized for your goal. This is perfect for anyone who is either short on time, doesn't know where to start or just wants to save some money. Each session is 30 mins and with a 7 day plan you truly are saving. Book today!

7 Day Pack... $120

*The 7 Day Trainer Experience can only be purchased once 

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